What We Do

We deliver highly tailored and independent Corporate Finance Advice, M&A, Equity Fundraising & proprietary Business Reinvention solutions

NextLevelCorporate provides independent and conflict-free advice and deal origination/arranging and transaction management services.

These services are deployed in relation to M&A, Divestment and Capital Markets transactions - together with our proprietary Business Reinvention solution.

All services and solutions are tailored to each client's specific needs.

We guide our clients through transitional growth financing and control change processes and transactions, either:

  • by way of advice and deal origination/arranging/project management services for immediate transactions; or
  • as part of our proprietary 4 Storms(TM) Business Reinvention/Owner Succession solution.

4 Storms(TM) Business Reinvention & Owner Succession Solutions 

NextLevelCorporate offers a complete long-term business reinvention/succession solution.

Starting with the design of a long-term business growth and owner monetisation platform, this turn-key solution covers design, origination, arranging and project management of an entire spectrum of reinvention, financing, acquisition and control change events. Each plan and solution is highly tailored utilising one or more of the transactional specialties and services listed below. 

In the fullness of time, we originate, arrange and project manage eventual owner monetisation event/s utilising our sell-side advisory and arranging solutions; and drawing from our proprietary network.

Founded on more than 25 years of navigating the multi-speed WA business landscape and the global equity/M&A markets, 4 Storms(TM) is a unique way to ensure a WA business operating in WA's ever-changing competitive landscape can:

  • appeal to a wider group of employees/customers/buyers/investors/markets
  • attract premium investment/valuation multiples
  • deliver optimised returns and monetisation opportunities for owners


Independence and Embedded Advisory

Since 2001, NextLevelCorporate has remained independent of any debt, equity underwriting, stockbroking, private equity and proprietary trading conflicts.

Our independence and 'one on one' engagement model is rare in the Western Australian corporate finance advisory/arranging sector, and represent key reasons why many of our clients utilise us as part of their leadership team each time they undertake a corporate finance event.

Our independence and ability to tailor each solution to each client requirement allows us to provide advice and arranging services on the most suitable corporate finance events, reinvention opportunities, funding parties, control change transactions and transactional pricing structures, every time.

Key Client Types Served 

  • Privately owned companies and their owners
  • Public unquoted companies and their owners
  • Public companies quoted on an exchange, and their controllers
  • Cooperatives and member-based organisations and their Directors
  • Foreign investment trusts/partnerships
  • Investment consortia



Key Industries Served 

  • Contractors (mining, civil, construction, maintenance)
  • Industrial Services
  • Building Products
  • Materials
  • Natural Resources
  • Agribusiness
  • Ports
  • Energy (fossil and renewable/cleantech)
  • Capital and Consumer Goods
  • Retail
  • Financials
  • Professional Services

Track record