M&A Advisory.



Mergers & Acquisitions and other control change transactions require a solid strategic basis to be successful, and are often executed as part of a wider strategy.

To enable transformative control change solutions (including defending against unwanted/opportunistic approaches), we independently deliver a full suite of integrated and customised M&A solutions, including: 

- Detailed assessment, testing, questioning and challenging of the transactional thesis

- Pre-transaction competitive landscape analysis and strategic advisory

- M&A transaction originating for proactive search and acquire assignments

- M&A transaction arranging

- M&A transaction advisory

- M&A deal team coordination and transaction management


Solutions can be arranged on the buy-side or the sell-side and are broadly classified as:

- Private treaty acquisition

- Merger, restructure and reconstruction

- Private treaty sale/divestment

- Management buyout

- Public company takeover

- Takeover response/defence

- De-merger and spin-off

our Competitive advantage.

More often than not we are asked to design a corporate control change strategy and originate/introduce a buyer, target or merger partner.

In these cases, our most striking differentiators include our proprietary strategic approach and our direct access to buyers, sellers and merger candidates.

This capability has been built over ~30 years of strategic deal-making and experience, in and out of Australia.

We also provide our clients with targeted international reach that comes without the conflicts, inertia and costs often found in larger firms and advisory networks.