NextLevelCorporate injects independent and conflict-free Senior Advisor expertise, experience and intel directly into private and public M&A, debt and equity transactions and strategies.

Agile client engagement models.

The vast majority of our work (see our track record) is undertaken in the role of lead advisor and/or deal originator/arranger - effectively, an end to end solution.

For certain complex or large transactions where one or more conflicted bulge bracket advisors are involved, we act as independent advisor to the Board. In this capacity, we provide advisor management/oversight and independent advice to ensure the right advice is being provided for the right reasons.

And, from time to time, we act in a support role. This is where we provide our corporate experience and transactional know-how in support of strategies and transactions which have already been conceived and/or originated by a client. This often includes identifying ‘blind spots’ and more efficient/value accretive ways of transacting.

distilling key elements for success.

Regardless of the specific role, all NextLevelCorporate solutions are a distillation of the following:

  • ~30 years of expertise and experience in big and small enterprises in almost all major industries.

  • Getting to know each client personally and developing a deep long-term understanding of their business aspirations and financial requirements.

  • Rigorous analysis, testing, questioning, challenging and considering alternative options.

  • Conflict-free arranging directly with buyers, sellers, wholesale investors and lenders (for origination assignments).

  • Leading the commercial and financial documentation of transactions, in close collaboration with legal and other advisors, in support of the relevant transaction.

  • ‘Running interference’ and protecting clients from ‘money shops’ and unsuitable syndications/proposals/transactions.

  • Delivering all solutions according to our values.

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