Mike Ganon, Founder & Managing Director, NextLevelCorporate. MBA (UWA), F.Fin, G.Dip (Applied Finance & Investment), B.Bus (Fin/Acc).

Mike Ganon, Founder & Managing Director, NextLevelCorporate. MBA (UWA), F.Fin, G.Dip (Applied Finance & Investment), B.Bus (Fin/Acc).



In his role as Managing Director and Senior Advisor, Mike oversees and delivers NextLevelCorporate’s independent advisory activities.

Over the past 30 years and several market cycles, he has amassed detailed expertise and track record in originating, structuring, arranging and advising on complex corporate advisory, corporate finance and business reinvention assignments, ranging across:

- Corporate restructures

- Mergers and Acquisitions

- Private treaty sales

- Public company takeover, scheme and defence assignments

- Equity fundraising and underwritings (for IPOs/SPOs), including 3 of the largest IPOs ever undertaken in Western Australia

- Structured debt/project financing assignments

These transactions and assignments have been undertaken in Australia, Asia, Europe, India and the United Kingdom and represent a ‘share of transaction’ value in the multiple billions. 

Mike has lectured in the Advanced Corporate Finance Stream at FINSIA (formerly the Securities Institute of Australia) and in 2007 as part of a State Government delegation to Bio's 2007 Pacific Rim conference, presented a paper on Bioenergy Investment to a blend of Academia and Fortune 500 Companies. 

He is a recipient of the Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh's International Awards, having received his Gold Award from HRH Philip Duke of Edinburgh. Mike also served as a WA Divisional Committee member for The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, from 2015 to 2017. 


our why.

Prior to founding NextLevelCorporate at the turn of the millennium, Mike worked across M&A, equity underwriting and project finance within Macquarie Bank's Investment Banking Group along with regional investment bank Porter Western Corporate.

This was after spending the first half of the 1990s in structured finance, with the largest independent arranger of structured debt in Western Australia.

Sensing a way to repair the disconnect between investment banking, the capital markets and strategy consulting for the benefit of clients, Mike left investment banking to develop a laser-focused advisory/arranging-only firm.

The mission was simple - build a highly personalised ‘senior-advisor’ firm specifically for clients seeking bespoke strategy-based corporate finance solutions across the entire control change and financing spectrum, without the conflicts of larger firms.

These solutions would need to be delivered independently of the usual product cross-sell channels and opaque syndication models found in investment banks, stockbroking firms, private equity and integrated 'global brand' service firms. 

Through a blend of deep knowledge of clients' competitive landscapes, long-term business strategy and a full suite of equity, debt and M&A/control change capabilities/track record, NextLevelCorporate was born.

Today we are a highly differentiated strategic corporate advisory firm with decades of experience delivering independent and conflict-free corporate finance advice, strategy and transactional solutions, with impressive international reach.