Our clients come from a range of industries, including mining services, engineering, construction and maintenance services together with natural resources, infrastructure, fossil and low carbon energy, advanced manufacturing, hi-tech/fin-tech, professional services and others.

Here is what some of our clients and a range of professional advisors have said about NextLevelCorporate.

Grant Smith, Founder, CEO, AM&T Group

“Having worked with Mike on several projects over the past 10 years I have been continuously impressed by his ability to work through complex business situations, identify and summarise critical points in a project and then propose realistic solutions and outcomes compatible with my requirements. However, it is his willingness to advise when not to proceed as much as his ability to provide potential outcomes that is one of his greatest strengths and which sets him apart from other advisors I have worked with.”

Greg Heylen, Chief Executive Officer, BGC Contracting

“To expand our business and add to our service offering, and having made the decision to acquire this expertise with a proven track record, we engaged Next Level Corporate to provide the full range of services for this acquisition, starting from search through to conclusion.
The value to us was engaging Mike’s wide range of experience on the acquisition, including designing an appropriate funding model which eventuated in both a successful acquisition by ourselves and a successful sale by the vendor.
The advice Mike provided was specific, tailored and relevant to our requirements and Mike demonstrated an early understanding of what ‘good’ looked like and then the ability to advise and conclude on all aspects.
I would readily recommend Mike Ganon to other companies looking for a one stop shop in relation to acquiring another business and would commend Mike on the professionalism and drive that he demonstrated in allowing us to arrive at the right solution.
Also, I would recommend Mike’s insights as to where the “pinch points” in the acquisition may be and the strategic thinking and solutions proactively around those.”

Chris Pearce, Founder, Blackwall Legal LLP

“I have worked alongside Michael Ganon and NextLevelCorporate for several years. Mike is an outstanding advisor - he is knowledgeable, smart and level-headed.”

Geoff Balfe, Director Global Geo Management Pty Ltd

“NextLevelCorporate provided advice to the Board of Midas Resources Limited while I was CEO of that company. The services involved M&A strategy and general corporate advice and strategic planning. At all times I found working with Mike Ganon to be rewarding and valuable to the company. Mike is a strategic thinker and a thoroughly organised planner who presents a commercial strategy in a logical and readily understood format. I have no hesitation in recommending NextLevelCorporate.”

Andy Caruso, Managing Director, Australasian Resources Ltd

"NLC was different to many other corporate advisors we had used or contemplated recently - direct, uncomplicated and very effective at presenting our requirements to potential sources of corporate and project finance in a compelling manner. The advice was always prompt and insightful and we have established a very open, transparent working relationship during 2009. Mike's deep knowledge of debt and equity markets made a welcome addition to our management team during the process of devising corporate strategy. As a result I would recommend NLC to other companies looking to appoint an independent corporate advisor who has a strong understanding of the Australian resources sector and its requirements."

Mark Jenkins, Chairman, Quickstep Holdings Limited

“NextLevelCorporate was appointed to provide independent corporate advice to Quickstep to raise its next round of capital. The appointment was made in anticipation of achieving a key third party validation of Quickstep, which was achieved with the Eurocopter Cooperation and Development Agreement in March 2007. Mike had a clear understanding of what was needed to attract institutional investors and worked with the management team to align our business plans, investor presentation and due diligence program (including requiring answers to the difficult questions he knew would be posed). He also played a crucial role in coordinating the brokers and investor audience. Quickstep’s timing unfortunately coincided (to the day!) with the US sub-prime crisis. Mike provided clear leadership and advice through a very difficult period in the market. With a clear message and valuable proposition, Quickstep raised $17m in very turbulent markets.
Mike’s forthright advice, leadership and energy were a crucial part in achieving our success. I would not hesitate to recommend NextLevelCorporate."

Tamra Seaton, Director, MDS Legal

“Mike Ganon and NextLevelCorporate have worked with a number of my clients on a range of corporate transactions and projects. On each occasion, Mike's experience, knowledge and resources have been critical to achieving a successful outcome. Mike is commercially astute and results focused; and he is also a pleasure to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending Mike and NextLevelCorporate for corporate advisory services.”

Paul Vinci, Partner, Johnson Winter & Slattery

"I have worked with Mike Ganon from NextLevelCorporate on a variety of corporate transactions over the past 15 years. I have always found Mike to be a very effective, diligent and commercially astute adviser.
Mike's philosophy is similar to my own - with an emphasis on personal relationships with clients, developing a deep understanding of clients' businesses, keen attention to detail and being willing to take a view rather than sit on the fence. In addition to the financial and commercial aspects of a transaction, Mike has a solid understanding of the legal and regulatory framework, which allows us to focus our legal advice on areas where we can add value.
While Mike's expertise and experience are self-evident, I would also add he is very personable, which makes working with him an enjoyable experience. I am more than happy to commend his services to you."

Dr Chris Whitaker, Chairman James Point Pty Ltd

"Working with NextLevelCorporate is an inspirational and creative experience. Mike Ganon's very rapid assimilation and perceptive analysis of information and ideas is soon followed by challenging questioning and candour about his own perceptions. He works closely with you to identify, create and pursue new possibilities that have a clear overarching strategy matched by a great attention to accuracy of detail. In doing so he draws on an enormous depth of knowledge and experience. Mike is the utter professional at all times, achieving this through a personal style that blends respect, challenge and energy while developing and maintaining a close working relationship. This is unique in my experience. NextLevelCorporate is simply a great organisation to work with."

Anthony Wooles, Managing Director and CEO, PearlStreet Limited

“Mike worked with PearlStreet through our IPO process and contributed important independent advice and input during a very important period in the company’s development. Today PearlStreet is an $85M AUD company and the market leader in the NDT Testing and Inspection industry in Australia. Mike continues to follow our progress closely and often pro-actively identifies new potential transaction opportunities. As part of a multi-disciplinary IPO team, Mike’s input was valuable, balanced and client-oriented, and I would recommend the services of NextLevelCorporate to organisations seeking tailored corporate advisory services.”

Andrew Teo, CFO, Director, BGC (Australia) P/L

“As one of Western Australia’s largest private groups with revenues in excess of $2 billion and operations across home building, manufacturing of building products, construction, contract mining, earthmoving, quarrying, marine logistics and property, we often engage in transitionary activities at the corporate level where we deal with counterparties ranging from small domestic companies to very large international groups. Since its establishment, NextLevelCorporate has been assisting us in these matters by providing specialist corporate finance advice, negotiation and transaction management services. We have found NextLevelCorporate’s service delivery to be astute, discreet and highly professional at all times and we highly recommend NextLevelCorporate as a proven independent alternative to the mainstream investment banks.”

Alan Burns, Perth, Western Australia

"Mike Ganon has been involved in companies which I have Chaired or Directed since 1996 and since establishing NextLevelCorporate, has assisted me with transactions as corporate advisor at the company level, or as my personal advisor. As an independent firm, NextLevelCorporate is able to blend its very strong analytical base with the right capital markets and players for each specific job, and independently coordinate the deal team to achieve a great result.
I highly recommend NextLevelCorporate as a firm where you receive top tier corporate finance services, delivered with a personal touch.”

Michael Dawes, Partner, Memery Crystal LLP, London

"I have always found Mike Ganon to be extremely commercial, professional and a pleasure to deal with. We worked together on a particularly difficult transaction where it would have been tempting to throw in the towel. Mike didn't. He kept things in perspective and worked diligently towards the best outcome that we could have hoped to achieve in the circumstances.
In short, he's a good guy to be in the trenches with."

Paul Walshe, Founder & Managing Director, Fair Go Finance

"Having been disappointed with my previous experience with corporate consultants, it was refreshing to meet and work with NextLevelCorporate over a few years as we prepared for, and ultimately executed, a transformative corporate transaction. With an independent approach that combines pragmatism and clear communications, NextLevelCorporate enables business owners / managers to translate strategic, operational and business information into financial metrics that can be digested by a buyer. Additionally, I was pleased to feel Mike Ganon’s genuine commitment to representing the company in negotiations, beyond the bounds of an engagement letter. I look forward to working with Mike again in the future and am happy to recommend Mike and NextLevelCorporate to other businesses looking for independent strategy based M&A and corporate finance solutions.”

John Groppoli, Managing Director, Milners Brand Marketing and Aviva Optical; Director, Automotive Holdings Group Ltd and Retravision (W.A.) Ltd

“Over the years I have had cause to either recommend or directly utilise (through my role as director, consultant or chairman to various companies) the services of NextLevelCorporate in a range of corporate matters including IPOs, mergers, reconstructions and financial assessments.
In each instance, we have received clear, cogent and commercially proactive advice that was solution orientated. The advice and corporate services were delivered in a timely manner with a very high level of care, diligence and honesty.
We have found NextLevelCorporate to be ethically sound and professionally astute.
I would not have any hesitation in recommending Michael and NextLevelCorporate to any public or private corporation requiring corporate advisory and/or investment banking services.”

Paul Holt, Chief Executive Officer, Retravision (WA) Limited

"Mike Ganon of NLC has done much in our business transformation project over recent months to restore my faith in corporate consultants. Previous experience has seen others re-package knowledge we already had, re-bundling it to look like new learning.
Mike is hugely knowledgeable in all aspects of corporate finance, debt and equity markets. He has an excellent ability to create simplicity from complexity, together with a formidable range of people and process skills to drive out highly creative and effective solutions. Mike is very focused on timely outcomes, is quick to identify barriers to success, bold enough to provide direct and personal feedback to under-performers in the executive group, and mindful that 'time is money' in everything NLC undertakes. If there is such a thing as a perfect consultant or advisor, Mike Ganon is as close a match as I've seen and I have no hesitation in recommending Mike and NLC's services to others who are looking to transform business outcomes quickly and effectively."

Ross Sharp, Chairman LMW (WA)

"It was evident from the very first meeting that Next Level Corporate and Mike Ganon was a right fit for our merger. Mike has abundant experience in the corporate world and a level of intellect and attention for detail that is rarely encountered. As Mike described in the early days, our merger was different to what he generally experienced as it involved two friendly parties and a scrip for scrip transfer. His greatest challenge however, was dealing with twelve separate owners with distinctly different personalities, needs and expectations of the outcomes. His ability to provide a balanced opinion and achieve a positive outcome was impressive to say the least and highlighted the importance of having workable and strong agreements within the organisation. When deal fatigue set in during the final stages of the merger process, Mike's ability to re-energize and focus the group was invaluable. Though our merger will probably not go down as one of Mike Ganon's biggest deals, it no doubt tested all of his abilities and without his assistance I am certain the merger would not have progressed. I thank Mike for his efforts and would not hesitate in recommending him for work in the complex field of mergers and acquisitions."

Will Moncrieff, Partner, Jackson McDonald

“We have enjoyed working alongside NextLevelCorporate on several transactions and have great respect for Mike Ganon’s ability to provide expert financial and corporate advice. Mike’s background and experience has provided NextLevelCorporate with an ability to assess a range of solutions to a company’s financial needs in a sophisticated manner. We consider NextLevelCorporate to be one of the best corporate finance project managers in Perth and have no hesitation in recommending Mike to clients who require independent, expert and objective advice together with assistance on sophisticated financing transactions.”

Louis van Aardt, Managing Director LVA Legal, President, Swimming WA

“I recently had the pleasure of working alongside NextLevelCorporate on a significant public M&A transaction. Mike Ganon (founder and MD of NextLevelCorporate) was impressively across all relevant finance and business issues, risks and complexities. Mike's ability to provide clear, expert and practical advice throughout the course of the transaction was invaluable.”

Ian Stokes, Legal Counsel, D1 Oils

"I worked with Michael over a period of several months in developing an innovative project for the renewable energy sector. I found Michael to be an extremely thorough and competent professional, whose meticulous approach to project planning and due diligence, matched by his great energy and sense of humour, was of great benefit to all parties involved."