About us.

NextLevelCorporate is a leading independent financial and strategic corporate advisory firm. We are recognised for our personalised Senior Advisor approach, and for consistently delivering innovative growth financing, strategic control change and business development solutions for clients operating in all major industries, in and out of Australia.

An early pioneer.

As one of only a handful of independent corporate finance pioneers, we broke away from the mainstream investment banks at the turn of the new Millennium to help transform an outdated industry.

Our founding objective? A laser focus on strategically aligned M&A, control change and growth financing solutions.

Our method? Design, build and deliver bespoke (tailor-made) corporate financing and control change strategies and solutions with zero conflict - i.e., directly with buyers, sellers, wholesale investors and lenders.

And, that's exactly what we did.

unique, differentiated.

Today, we are one of only a few Senior Advisor corporate advisory firms in Australia which can credibly assist owners, boards and executive teams with strategy and truly independent advice on equity, hybrids, debt, private M&A and public M&A.

Unlike traditional corporate advisors, we don’t just jump straight into executing transactions. Rather, we provide high quality advice from start to finish.

Our advisory solutions start with assessing, analysing, questioning and testing the relevant strategy, along with determining other ‘doable’ options which might be available.

Next, and depending on client requirements, we provide some or all of deal originating, arranging, negotiating, managing and other support, completion and monitoring services.

Finally, we inject decades of deal-making experience, technical expertise, specific industry intel and proprietary networks directly into each discussion, strategy, assignment and/or transaction.

All Industries.

We have deep knowledge in and serve a multitude of industries and specialist sectors, including industrial and commercial services and supplies, developers and contractors, mining services, government and defence contractors, engineering/fab and labour hire, advanced manufacturing, technology, software, retail, professional services, basic materials, natural resources, fossil and renewable energy, low carbon economy, infrastructure, agribusiness and others.

Our networks are global.

Honesty and integrity, first.

We conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity and apply the highest levels of quality and independence to everything we do. Simply speaking, we put client interests first.

Focused expertise.

Whilst our industry and geographical reach is wide, our expertise is laser focused in the following areas:

NextLevelCorporate remains headquartered in Perth, Australia and enjoys conflict-free international reach built up over the course of 3 decades.


track record.


Decades of track record and expertise in merger, acquisition, divestment, IPO, private equity, structured debt, special situation investment and strategic advisory transactions, assignments and roles. A representative selection appears below.


Senior Advisor selected transactional track record, 1990 to 2001.