Swimming naked in cheap money.

Helen Norton,  Swimming at BooBook

Helen Norton, Swimming at BooBook

Sounds great, right?

Maybe, but Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital Inc., thinks otherwise.

Last week, the well known CEO and US dollar bear (referred to by the mainstream media as Dr. Doom) told The Street that it won't be pretty when the tide goes out - and with interest rate normalisation now on the cards, low tide isn't that far away.

Counter-intuitive Government (anti-trust) intervention in M&A, a Bitcoin Ponzi and big fat ugly bubbles all make for an uncompromising, timely and memorable interview. Click here for the vision.

I might sound lighthearted, but that's only because I love his work.

Make no mistake, Peter Schiff has a number of great calls to his credit, including "the party is over" where he consistently and accurately predicted the 2008 US housing and sub-prime crisis, along with the grab-bag of pain which became known as the global financial crisis.

Back then almost everyone laughed, but Dr. Reality was bang on.


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