NextLevelCorporate now inhabits a millennial world.

Mike Ganon, Founder & Managing Director, NextLevelCorporate

Mike Ganon, Founder & Managing Director, NextLevelCorporate

It will no doubt please most of you to hear that after 15 (or so) years of the same website, color palette (blue/blue/blue) and ‘swoosh’ logo, NextLevelCorporate’s branding and web presence have officially embraced the millennial age.

No, I won’t be growing a beard and wearing jeans around my knees nor talking in memes (no matter how tempting) although I do love a good avo smash on toasted Turkish bread, but hold the relish.

Today it is my pleasure to announce a millennial refresh of the NextLevelCorporate brand via a new logo and website, along with the introduction of a blog.

Strap yourself in!

What’s behind the refresh?

As many of you know, I firmly believe that competitive advantage (normally by way of differentiation) is the key to long-term business success.

I also believe that as new industries and competitors emerge to disrupt the old (now occurring at a dizzying pace) businesses can no longer rely on organic strategies alone to sustain advantage.

Rather, organic strategies are increasingly in need of blending with external strategies, typically crafted with the use of a mix of M&A and Growth Capital catalysts.

For almost 16 years, NextLevelCorporate has been delivering M&A, Growth Capital, Special Situations and Private Advisory solutions.

These 4 key solutions have supported and strengthened our clients’ organic strategies.

This has been possible as a result of spending the time to develop a granular knowledge of client strategies together with the ever-changing competitive landscapes in which they operate.

More recently though, I felt that our unique ‘brand’ was not being properly captured by the logo, website and other communications.

The logo was created 10 years ago this coming November after rebranding from NLCorporate to the company name. As for the site, it has not substantively changed since shortly after the business opened around the turn of the millennium (sounds awful when you say it like that….).

In its heyday, the minimalistic look and feel was considered ‘edgy’. Um…er…?

However, to be fair this was pre-disruption, pre-GFC, pre-infrastructure spending boom and before specialising in areas and solutions which have differentiated NextLevelCorporate’s brand from the run of the mill “corporate advisory” model.

So, to better demonstrate this differentiation and draw out the strands of our brand DNA, namely: freedom, independence, focus, strategic alignment, innovation and transformation, a new logo, corporate theme and website have been adopted.

The logo features a strong name supporting 4 levels of floating pages signifying the next level/transformative nature of our 4 key solutions.

Like our independent advisory/arranging only model it is clean, crisp and unconflicted. It is also capped off with a dash of the almost now ubiquitous millennial orange.

In further support of the transformative and innovative nature of the brand, a new website including an updated corporate theme, based on the Monarch butterfly has been adopted.

Somewhat of a metamorphosing magician is our friend, and in Chinese culture the butterfly signifies freedom, transformative energy and creativity, while orange is often associated with change and adaptability.

These are all qualities embedded in NextLevelCorporate’s DNA and as such we sit comfortably together.

I invite you to click on the above images (or click here) and explore our new branding.

Why a Blog?

Our popular quarterly newsletter, NextPerspective> remains and will continue as an in-depth quarterly review of seismic events impacting the Western Australian business landscape.

However, as disruption accelerates and things are changing quicker than Donald Trump can tweet, 3 months is a long time in between conversations.

At the same time, I often come across the interesting, strange and bizarre given the multiplicity of industries, economies and financial markets to which NextLevelCorporate’s clients are exposed.

As a result, I am pleased to introduce a blog which on an at least weekly basis will briefly cover those events that are likely to have an impact on WA business.

As life is hectic, brevity will be the key!

If you use RSS feeds, feel free to click here to subscribe to the RSS fee for the blog and/or to subscribe to NextPerspective>. You can unsubscribe at any time.

I do hope you will enjoy reading these publications and that they will provide you with value and a fresh perspective on events.

If you would like to discuss any of the content at any time, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


In closing, I would like to call out the invaluable assistance received from full-time physics student/part-time graphic design and communications guru and daughter, Rebecca Ganon, in taking NextLevelCorporate’s brand refresh to a new level.

Until next time, please explore our website and give me a shout if you are around the Mount Lawley, Northbridge, Leederville area and have time for a coffee.

As always, I look forward to seeing you in the market.