Newsletter Autumn 2018, "The Dove is back".

Helen Norton,  "Good News Was Rare" .

Helen Norton, "Good News Was Rare".

Welcome to NextPerspective, our quarterly digest in which we discuss our perspectives on the key economic events shaping the fortunes of West Australian (WA) businesses and their owners.

In this Autumn edition for 2018 we continue with the three key transformative themes presented in our Summer edition, namely:

  1. Gradual monetary normalisation in the US.
  2. Innovation and technology driven disruption.
  3. The baby boomer business exit avalanche.

We also look at how the EU and UK Central Banks have become more dovish on interest rates and the implications of the US Federal Reserve's recent comment that its inflation target of 2% is ‘symmetric’. 

Finally, we wrap up with our perspectives on the opportunities and challenges facing WA business owners along with the 2 key choices they face.

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