Committee for Perth releases 2018 Perceptions Survey results.

Image attribution: Calistemon

Image attribution: Calistemon

I like the work done by Marion Fulker and her team at the Committee for Perth.

They are a group of people with a refreshing and transparent attitude and as advocates for sensible change, they are happy to lead conversations on issues that Sir Humphrey might otherwise refer to as 'courageous'. 

Recently, I read the findings from their “2018 Perth Perception Survey”. This is an on-line survey of 600 people considered to be representative of the Perth metro population; and undertaken by market research firm Ipsos. 

The Committee's headline today was: "Survey finds Perth's satisfaction rating has fallen".

This is timely given many think we are standing at the gates of a mining-led economic resurgence - and it is the 'mining' element that appears to stand out in many of the perceptions found in the survey.

Here are some of the takeaway slides (with attribution to Sally Braidwood and her team at Ipsos for the survey findings and infographics).

1. Most (70% to 80%) believe Perth does not have a diverse, technically advanced, stable and strong economy with a strong and effective Government. Rather, more than 50% acknowledge Perth to be a mining/resources focused economy.

No surprises there.


2. Compared to the 2015 survey results (when the sample size was almost half) there is now a significantly higher belief/realisation that mining/resources will drive future prosperity.

OK, so there is now a little more reality in the conversation, but the question is whether or not there are any other real alternatives currently being supported by Government and business?


3. The number 1 deliverable?


Clearly we still have a lot of work to do.


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