Brexit - indications for a UK Common Union least repugnant but not good enough.

house commons 1 day to go.JPG

The Brexit deadline has changed from 29 March (tomorrow) to 22 May 2019 but only if a withdrawal agreement is passed this week. If not, it will be in 2 weeks, on 12 April 2019.

Whilst UK Parliament yesterday indicated that a second referendum would have the most support (268 votes); the flip side was that the option for a UK wide Common Union with the EU drew the least amount of dissenters (272).

Either way, there were insufficient indicative votes for any option to show a clear majority one way or another. Stalemate again.

The Speaker of the House has yet to rule whether Theresa May’s deal with be put to a third vote, given to do that he will want to see a substantial change.

That’s going to be pretty hard if the EU is not prepared to move.

Will the EU move, will the Speaker cave in, or will the UK crash out of the EU without a deal?

Stay tuned.

Regards, Mike.