RSS feeds are an innovative way to transform the method by which you receive updates and news from your websites and blogs of choice. 

Below are some steps which will guide you in setting up/linking to our RSS feed. 

  1. Download an RSS feed reader. This can be downloaded through your web browser by searching for an extension in your store (we recommend 'RSS Feed Reader' for Chrome, Safari, iOS and android), or by googling 'rss feed reader extension' for Internet Explorer or Firefox. Download and run this program.

  2. Click 'add new feed'. Your feed reader will either request an .XML file (accessible here), or a link to the blog page ( Enter this in the relevant field.

  3. Click install/save. This will store the feed into your feed reader.

  4. Enjoy our weekly updates! You will be able to tailor the fashion in which you receive notifications from our blog within your reader's software.